Case Study|Hawaiian Tropic Product Sampling

Discover the Success of the Hawaiian Tropic Product Sampling Case Study. From the initial request for our experiential marketing expertise, the Hawaiian Tropic Brand entrusted us to handle the entire process. Utilizing comprehensive GIS research, we precisely identified the target market’s destinations and behaviors. We ensured maximum impact by strategically providing sunscreen in locations where the product was an essential resource. Furthermore, our diligent Event Producers scouted brand activation sites, offering detailed client reporting, including pricing, foot traffic analysis, and valuable opportunities at each event site. We meticulously managed the logistics of storing and distributing over 500,000 product samples.

Additionally, we sourced and interviewed exceptional field staff, handpicking brand ambassadors and field managers who perfectly aligned with the brand’s values. Leveraging our extensive private database, Evolve hired 200+ brand reps for this outstanding event activation. These dedicated representatives embodied the brand’s values and kept the excitement alive throughout the day.

Hawaiian Tropic Product Sampling Experiential Marketing Activation Pop-up Cabana Beach Marketing

So, what were the results of the Hawaiian Tropic Product Sampling campaign? With over half a million samples strategically placed in key locations across Florida and California, the client experienced unprecedented success. In fact, the overwhelming response led them to double the tour size in the following year.

We also activate indoors. Check out what we can do for your brand indoors during a weekend-long retail sales environment. We love a challenge. We recommend bringing Evolve Agency into the planning and marketing strategy process early.

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