Case Study|ZOA Energy Guerrilla Marketing Street Teams

ZOA Energy Marketing Case Study

Frontline workers deserved a boost this year, and ZOA Energy partnered with Evolve Activation to step in to help. ZOA Energy is a sugar-free healthy energy drink that provides balanced energy without the jitters. Obviously, these attributes make ZOA Energy the perfect pick-me-up to keep our frontline workers alert and energized.

ZOA and the Evolve Marketing Agency teamed up to activate a strategic product sampling street team program.  This sampling tour made scheduled stops at multiple locations in 3 markets across the country. As a result, our brand ambassadors delivered cans into the hands of everyday warriors that need a boost of natural energy to power them through their day. Moreover, ZOA sales have spiked in these 3 markets after running these guerrilla marketing campaigns.

ZOA Energy Marketing Case Study Results

Markets: Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston
Impressions: 82,600
Samples/Coupons Distributed: 63,000

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ZOA Energy Drink Interesting Notes:

When did ZOA energy launch?

  • March 2021. Since being established, zero-sugar energy drink brand ZOA Energy secured a $10m line of credit from Gerber Finance. ZOA continues its exponential growth in the energy drink category.

Who sponsors ZOA energy drinks?

  • According to IRI multi-outlet and convenience store data, ZOA Energy Drink has generated $3.4m for the four weeks ended Oct. 31, 2021. ZOA has become a top 15 energy drink brand less than a year from its launch. 

What is the meaning behind ZOA energy drinks?

  • ZOA’s branding reflects the Polynesian word for warrior, “toa.” And the A-Z characters are meant to be inclusive of all types of people across demographics. According to Dwayne Johnson, the drink is targeting people beyond gym-goers.

Zoa Energy Marketing Product Sampling on the Streets of Los Angeles, Experiential Marketing

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