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You’ve seen the signs already: Halloween candy is in the stores. You know what this means. There are 120 days left in 2021, and they are getting shorter, going faster, and bursting at the seams with holiday marketing. Here are 7 Ideas for experiential holiday marketing.

The question is: how are you going to maximize your marketing efforts this holiday season?

Street Teams:

The number of effective ways to interact with the public using a well-trained team of marketers is virtually unlimited. We work with brands to develop strategies for getting your business in front of new and diverse markets. This is an excellent strategy for capturing some of the much-coveted holiday attention since brand activations can be targeted, mobile, and flexible in your marketing approach.

Product Sampling:

The season of pumpkin spice everything is a great time to get people to try your newest or favorite products. Whether giving people gift ideas or helping them decide what to buy for holiday parties, you will influence potential customers to include you in their festivities when you give them a taste of your offerings. You may want to create a mobile tour to increase the territory where you sample your goods. While this might seem daunting, an experiential marketing agency can help you handle the logistics to achieve your promotional goals.

In-store Demos:

When you set up inside a store that carries your product and educates shoppers about your product, you close the distance between your potential customer and their eventual purchase, making this a desirable option for your B2C brands. When you choose an experienced agency like Evolve Activation, you add the benefit of a network of connections to stores, managers, brand ambassadors, and field staff to help you navigate the process.

Military Base Activation:

One often overlooked place to market during the holidays is on military bases. The military is a tight-knit community, and creating a brand activation is an effective strategy for introducing your business to the people serving the United States. As a part of an activation, you might create a survey for purposes of data collection.

College Campus Activation:

One huge advantage to reaching college students ahead of the holidays is that they often travel home to visit family. This means that if you effectively convert them to your brand, they could help to spread your message.

Pop-Up Stores:

Strategically located temporary retail locations are an excellent way to capitalize on the buzz created by FOMO. With a well-trained plan, you can make a big impression by creating a time-sensitive retail experience.

Private Invite Experiential Events:

‘Tis the season for parties, and the intimacy of a private event might be just the right thing to market your business. This kind of event could be great for B2B marketing plans. While more limited in reach, the exclusivity of this kind of event could add some serious punch to your marketing powers.

Whatever you choose to do this year to market during the holidays, contact Evolve Activation. We can help you to develop and execute an effective strategy beyond these 7 experiential holiday marketing ideas. Contact us to finish your year out strong.

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