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1. Trade Show Location Matters:

Understanding the layout and traffic flow is one way to position your brand at a trade show effectively. The earlier you commit to attending, the more likely you will be able to secure a desirable place with a good flow of people. Undeniably, researching past events will help, but there is no substitute for experience. This is one area where working with an agency will give you an advantage. Since agencies often work the same events year after year, work with a marketing agency to negotiate a prime trade show location.

2. Gamify Your Trade Show Marketing Event Activation:

Creating a memorable experience helps to imprint your brand on the attendees. Particularly having a fun activity for people encourages their participation and increases the likelihood of word-of-mouth evangelizing at the event. Moreover, when your footprint becomes the must-visit booth of the event, you will be glad that you took the time to find fun ideas for the participants.

3. Roving Trade Show Brand Ambassadors:

Sometimes, your footprint is not in the ideal location despite the best intentions. Even though your branding is beautiful, you are sampling free products, and you have a game for people to play; if they aren’t visiting your activation, you have to do something to attract them. Planning ahead, you can have Brand Ambassadors who head out into the space handing out coupons or invitations to visit your booth. If they are not coming to you, you have to get their attention. When considering roving BAs, you need to check ahead of time to ensure that this is allowed at the event.

4. Onsite Event Giveaways:

Sampling your product is a good idea, but you might want to create additional interest in your offering by putting together a more substantial giveaway. Generally, with a premiere gift being given away, people will have more reason to return to your activation, check out your brand on social media, and create a positive word-of-mouth story for sharing.

5. Utilize New Technology In Your Trade Show Marketing Space:

Virtual Reality displays, AR games, and other new technology can be an attractive force at a trade show. After all, people hope to see the latest and greatest products and services, so why not show them what your brand is and does in a forward-thinking way? As Omar Rahman states in an article for Entrepreneur Middle East “From smartphone beacons to motion-sensitive interfaces, interactive technology ensures exhibition attendance delivers the ROI it should.”

6. Be Useful To Event Attendees:

Businesses compete to make the biggest splash at their industry trade show every year. Still, an often-overlooked angle is a simple one: provide participants with something they need, whether that is a charging station for phones, coffee, water, or anything that helps participants to enjoy the event.

Making a lasting impression on the trade show attendees is a great way to create new leads. With all of the interest and enthusiasm that an industry event can generate, you can create the buzz your brand needs for its latest offerings. Use this “Contact Us” form to find out why we are the trade show marketing agency brands choose for their event marketing needs.

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