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As an Experiential Marketing Agency, we already knew (before COVID-19) that there is nothing more powerful than humans getting together to share experiences. People have been known to fall in love at first sight, to make lifelong friends out of a weekend retreat, and can gain deep understanding about the nature of life itself by interacting with other people. It is fundamental to our enjoyment of life.

Scientists have even studied the effects, famously, of the experience of eating chocolate alone or with other people. There is a psychological enhancement of experience gained by being with others. Both positive and negative experiences are amplified through sharing.

The power of physical human connection has never been more potent in our collective history. Our technology of communication (through social media) gives us unprecedented power to reach more people than ever before. These tools are especially important while we are staying home to flatten the curve of infection, but they are no replacement for sharing experiences with other humans in person.

In the absence of physical contact and proximity, digital technology is all we have, but it is not nearly enough. In fact, there is already something called “Zoom Fatigue,” a new syndrome associated with the strange psychological tax that this form of communication takes, according to a recent National Geographical essay. The vast collective effort to mitigate a global disaster has kept us from getting together, face to face, since the middle of March, and the desire to see and be with people is growing day by day.

In many ways, this pandemic has shown us just how important human connection is. Even ordinary experiences are greatly enhanced when shared with friends. Happiness and quality of life, it seems, depends upon having someone with whom to share the moment. Simply sharing a sample of chocolate at an event or attending a pop-up shop with a friend can make an experience more real.

Currently, that opportunity has been put on hold. We fully understand the importance of doing everything possible to protect human life, and so we are patiently waiting for the opportunity to get back to working on events. In the meantime, we are busy dreaming up new ways to create meaningful experiences for consumers to connect with brands safely. While the future holds many uncertainties, one thing we are crystal clear about is that in person experiences are going to be more powerful than ever once they can be created safely once again.

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