What makes an Experiential Mobile

Marketing Tour Successful?

Product Sampling Mobile Marketing Tour in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Nyc

What is Experiential Marketing?

“Experiential marketing is a practical advertising approach that primarily focuses on consumers’ experience.”

Shaz Smilansky, Director Blazinstar Marketing, “Why Experiential?”

What is a Mobile Marketing Tour?

A Mobile Marketing Tour is a series of events for a specific demographic of customers to introduce and re-introduce products.

What Makes an Experiential Mobile Marketing Tour Successful?


Visibility is key to the success of a mobile marketing tour activation. Therefore, our nationwide network and proprietary data will guide your mobile tour from one hyper-targeted market to the next. Furthermore, engaging with consumers who are in the target market for your brand. This takes expert networking, partnership, and negotiations. Evolve Activation has years of experience and partnership to help your brand get the needed position.

Make It Interesting

Having the best spot at the event can’t make up for a boring activation. If you build it, they might not come. Ensure your footprint is engaging, fun, informative, and provocative within your branding guidelines. Your creatives can grab attention, but how will you keep participants engaged? For example, provide entertainment or activities that will make someone want to hang out with your brand for a while.

The most important thing about your experiential mobile marketing tour is engaging and inspiring through unique experiences for your consumers. That’s where experiential experts can help you design an interactive tour that effectively motivates your audience to action. Additionally, there are other little tricks you can try, as well.

For example, our services include research, strategy, experience development, and campaign evaluation from start to finish. At many of our event marketing footprints, we include charging stations for mobile devices, which increase dwell time. Likewise, food sampling is always a hit. Finally, incorporating a photo capture area creates social media amplification opportunities.

Mobile Marketing Tour Managers

Once the vehicle is on the road, it’s up to the tour staff to ensure your message gets to the places and markets you strategically mapped out. For this reason, tour drivers should be professional, experienced, and have a good safety record with the proper permits, licenses, and insurance. Equally, marketing tour drivers must follow Department of Transportation guidelines. Also, we recommend having at least two people qualified to drive each tour vehicle. You never know when you might need a backup driver, so plan for that in advance.

In general, the mobile marketing tour manager is the person who holds it all together in the field. This person has a lot of responsibility, from training and managing staff to handling last-minute tour stop changes. Additionally, ensuring all the product samples are picked up and ready to go. Consequently, a poorly run tour will jeopardize the brand experience and the brand’s reputation.

Mobile Marketing Tour Local Staff

Brand ambassadors should be upbeat, energetic, knowledgeable about the brand/message, and dressed per the tour’s guidelines. If there is any special equipment involved or maintenance expectations, ensure everyone receives adequate training. Coupled with designing the marketing tour around a clear message. Next, train your brand ambassadors with enough product knowledge to answer consumer questions in the field and communicate with consumers who show a deeper interest.

Hiring experienced tour staff who are familiar with the brand and products to ensure the best performance. We have a secret weapon when it comes to staffing. Ask us why our brand ambassadors are the best!

Product Sampling and Experiential Mobile Marketing Tour Strategies

Tour Vehicles

The right vehicle with the right look is the first step toward a successful activation. Think about your product/service, brand identity, and the type of experience to help you decide. Mobile Tour vehicles range from food trucks to tour buses to trailers and many in between.

Social Media

Don’t forget to harness the power of social media whenever possible. Almost anyone involved in experiential marketing at mobile activation tours can help the brand generate social interest. Campaigns can utilize a hashtag to track social media posts. For example, it can be as simple as a photo booth with props or a great photo background for selfies.

Additionally, consider having an experienced photo/video crew on the ground at the event activations. Furthermore, this will allow a brand to instantly post content and create a shareable sizzle reel to boost impressions further, even after the mobile tour has ended. In short, give consumers a reason to be your brand ambassadors.

Capture Data

A mobile tour allows a brand to maximize promotional dollars, reach a finely targeted audience, and visit locations that make sense for a brand’s marketing campaign goal. All in all, consumers who visit the tour footprint will have an opportunity to learn and experience the brand better than any other marketing tactic, leaving them with a personal connection.

Trustworthy Tour Partner

Evolve Activation works to earn your trust in everything we do. We have long-term partnerships with our clients. In brief, we know their brands intimately and are invested in results-driven marketing.

Influencers and PR

A compelling marketing trend is to partner with influencers, either in-market or industry-specific. They can help spread the word, promote the tour on social media, and take the mobile show to news stations and radio stations for on-air interviews and added publicity. Evolve Activation will help you find the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) right for your brand and budget.

Guerrilla Mobile Marketing Tour Extensions

Guerrilla marketing satellite promotions can be an inexpensive way to drive results at a lower cost. This experiential marketing strategy can increase event traffic, target additional locations, and increase impressions. In any event, locations should be well-planned to maximize your tour’s reach of qualified impressions.

Starburst Experiential Marketing Mobile Tour pop-up, nationwide product sampling agency with tour managers and event staff

Evolve Activation is a Top Nationwide Experiential Mobile Marketing Tour Agency. Here’s Why…

  • Full-Service Agency – From concept to completion, we are there with you every step of the way. If you want answers, we have them. You’ll always have access to senior management at Evolve Activation.
  • Custom Program Vehicles – No matter the audience you are trying to reach, we have the know-how and capabilities to create mobile marketing tour vehicles that get noticed while bringing functionality to the program.
  • Brand Ambassador Staff/Talent – While the marketing world shares the same talent pool, we offer incentives and track staffs’ event performance. You’ll have top-notch staff at every step of your tour.
  • Tour Management –We have cultivated a select pool of talented mobile tour managers. Our tour managers focus on safety, brand loyalty, sales, service, asset management, and being prepared for any situation on the road or onsite at events.
  • Customer Acquisition – We know what drives customers to interact with your brand and we create strategies to collect data, sample products, assist sales, and create a lifetime customer.
  • Inventory Management & Logistics – There are multiple ways to plan tour routes, inventory management, event asset maintenance, compliance, and safety. Evolve Activation strategically handles all these factors to save time, money, resources, and achieve maximum ROI.
  • Fabrication and Tour Assets – Do you have a crazy idea for your next tour? We haven’t said no yet! If you have the budget, we will bring your imagination to life.
  • Safety – It is probably the most crucial factor that gets the least consideration unless you are part of the Evolve Activation Team. We put hours into planning safety plans for any situation at the event or on the road. Our focus on safety keeps the tour on time and our guests and staff safe.  Ensuring our guests can enjoy the activation without a care in the world.
  • Department of Transportation Compliance – We know the rules of the road, so you don’t have to think about those details.
  • Nationwide Experience – Evolve Activation has powered mobile tours from coast to coast. Our experiential mobile tour hot spots are Dallas, Houston, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, NYC, Orlando, Atlanta, Columbus, Nashville, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Seattle.
  • Focus on Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Tour Activations – Eco-friendly Mobile Marketing Tours are so important to us that we created a section. See below.
  • White Label Marketing – We’ve been the secret force behind the highly recognized marketing agencies. We are proud to be highly regarded and trusted by the biggest agencies in the USA. When agencies need a boost of expert talent, they can trust, guess who they call…Evolve Activation.
Xfinity LGBT Pride Experiential Activation Marketing Mobile Tour

Creating Sustainability in Experiential Mobile Marketing Tour

Evolve Activation knows that your brand cares about the environment; we make it easy to add sustainability to a mobile marketing tour experience. Consider sampling materials, lighting options, flooring, vehicle efficiency, route planning, event electronics, and fabrication of the physical displays. We’ll let you know where the opportunities are to make your experiential marketing tour a green experience so we can save the planet while promoting your brand.

Can Any Agency Plan and Manage a Mobile Marketing Tour?

Sure, but you will not often get the desired results. Marketing Agencies come and go, but Evolve has been around since 2013. We’ve made it through COVID-19, and it is because we know our business, and our clients keep coming back because they trust our work.

Evolve Activation has made the 2024 Bizzabo’s Top Experiential Event Agencies: The Ultimate Agency Directory 3 years running.

Safety & Hygiene Precautions (Covid-19)

We closely monitor government policy changes, Centers for Disease Control guidelines, government mandates, and public health advancements and will continue to make changes as necessary or appropriate to our Programs and procedures.