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Event Marketing and Safety

History has entered a new phase. The world is in a period of transition. All of business is being affected and the future is anything but certain. What are we to do?

Prioritize Safety:

The first thing we want to emphasize is that public safety is our highest priority. We want to support all efforts to keep people safe. That means doing whatever health officials recommend to flatten the infection curve, including canceling events and activations during the timeframe required by local ordinances.

Speak Clearly:

The second thing we want to highlight is the importance of transparent communication during this time. It is a rapidly changing situation and we strive to be as open and honest in our messaging as possible. When speaking with clients or publishing public messages, we strive to be as clear as possible.

Listen Carefully:

Active listening is at the core of our character. With this situation, we believe it is more important than ever to understand the concerns of brands and consumers. What concerns do consumers have? What new limitations are businesses facing? What needs are not being met? How can we help to keep people safe? We are all in this together and we will find solutions to the problems we face more effectively if we practice active listening.

Adapt Quickly:

People are understandably responding to recent developments with a heightened sense of concern. We believe that our collective responsibility is to respond to the crisis by following all local and federal directives, knowing that these directives will greatly impact personal and professional life. We are facing new problems that will require new solutions. Adapting to these changes quickly will be critically important. As a boutique agency, we have a highly responsive team that is well-practiced at working remotely, and we are actively working to position ourselves to be of service.

Act Decisively:

It is of utmost importance that we face this new situation head-on and execute a plan of action. Only when we fully understand the legal range and scope of actions will we be able to begin the important work. Since the situation is dynamic and changes over time differently in different regions, it will continually reassess regulations to remain in compliance. Regaining a sense of public safety and economic strength will take a lot of work from many different people and sectors of the economy. Every chance we get to do something that effectively helps to push in the direction of public health and economic strength is a moment for decisive action.

Event Marketing and Safety Commitment

During the coming weeks, we will be studying the situation carefully to see when and where some positive action may be possible, whether supporting an essential service or in some other capacity. We cannot predict the future, but we can commit to finding creative ways to help. We encourage others to take action. We welcome any insights/suggestions for how we can work together to make a positive impact on our industry, the economy, and our communities.

Justin, John, and the entire Evolve Team

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