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What is White Labeling?

“’White label’ refers to a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but sold by another,” Drew Gainor writes for Forbes Magazine.

What does it mean to White Label a marketing service?

Just like you can purchase goods produced without branding from a manufacturer to add to your inventory with your own branding, you can also acquire services from an agency that you offer to your clients under your brand’s umbrella.

Is it legitimate to hire an agency to perform White Label Marketing?

It certainly is. Using White Label services is a common practice to expand your brand’s capabilities, extending your ability to provide value to your clients. The following are a few reasons why this is a good choice for many agencies.

  1. Time: In marketing, there are moments when you get opportunities in your business that you had not planned to accept. With short notice, but lots of upside, choosing to white label your added event marketing efforts can give a professional and polished appearance to this unexpected work. The client hired you because of your reputation for doing great work, and white labeling with an agency you trust to execute your plans can help you to expand what you can do in a limited time.
  2. Expertise: You would most likely not install a new gas line for your new stove, so why would you attempt to tackle something as important as marketing your new product? When the success or failure of a product launch really matters, you may want to include another team with experience in that specific skill set to handle some of the marketing responsibilities.
  3. Scale: If you want to go big, then white labeling is a good way to keep your people focused on their tasks while expanding a program to reach other markets. When your team is already overextended, you need support to handle additional markets and white labeling another agency’s services in additional markets will help keep you on track while you scale.
  4. Logistics: Every event marketing program depends upon the execution of multiple plans within a given timeframe. Experienced program managers understand that logistical challenges can create frustrating and costly bottlenecks. Using an agency to white label some services can work to relieve the pressure created by a deadline and lots of work that needs to be finished. Some agencies know markets better than you and white labeling their services gives you access to their regional connections and knowledge.
  5. Fabrication: If you have a footprint to build at an important event, you are going to want the best builders you can find. Using an agency with tried and true teams can help ensure that your activation looks as good as it will feel to see it all finished without having to lift a hand.
  6. Grit: Sometimes, you just need a little bit of resilient help. If your team is overloaded and you can see the signs of stress starting to show, then looking to an agency to white label some aspect of your project can infuse your team with some much-needed resolve.

White labeling is not just for generic cereal anymore. You can hire an agency to help you with any of your marketing needs. It is a common practice and helps to provide the best results for your client, especially when time is of the essence. If you need some help with any of your experiential programs, consider Evolve Activation as your White Label Agency to add some horsepower to your team.

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